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In History, pupils have opportunities to explore a variety of historical eras and topics and develop Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities. This encourages pupils to recognise the forces and factors that have shaped our world today.

Pupils study a broad and balanced range of historical periods from Irish, British, European and global contexts, giving them a richer understanding of their own identity, culture and society.

Teachers should encourage pupils to engage with History in an active, critical way. This helps them to assess evidence, evaluate conflicting accounts and understand the causes and consequences of change. These skills equip pupils with the capabilities to be active and engaged members of our society.

Key Elements

The key elements that underpin the curriculum objectives are key issues for modern society. The statutory requirements for this subject strand make these key elements explicit.

For further details, see the Statutory Requirements for History at Key Stage 3 and the Key Stage 3 Non-Statutory Guidance for History.


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