Using ICT

Summative Judgement of Pupil Achievement in Using ICT

The overall summative level that teachers assign for Using ICT should be based on a pupil’s performance in three of the following ‘E’s, which must include Explore (both bullet points) and Express:

  • Explore
  • Express
  • Exchange
  • Evaluate.

Pupils might be performing at different levels in the various ‘E’s. When this happens, they need to have been assessed at or above the level teachers award in at least three ‘E’s, which must include Explore (both bullet points) and Express. (This is because Explore and Express form the core of most activities that pupils are involved in.) For example:

  Pupil A Pupil B
Explore (both bullet points) Level 5 Level 4
Express Level 6 Level 5
Exchange Level 4 Level 4
Evaluate Level 5 Level 4

We do not require evidence for ‘Exhibit’ at Key Stage 3, as coverage is obvious once the pupil’s work has been saved with meaningful filenames.

Overall Level Awarded Level 5 Level 4

External Moderation for Using ICT

In March, once every three years, schools must submit samples of pupil work to CCEA that represent the levels which the school intends to award to its Year 10 pupils for Using ICT. The pupil work that schools submit to us as part of the external moderation process should reflect the school’s shared understanding of the standards agreed through ongoing internal standardisation.

Using ICT Evidence Required for External Moderation

Each school submission for Using ICT should include a total of five pieces of pupil work at each level the school intends to report. The pieces may include CCEA-Approved/Exemplar Assessment Tasks and must include:

  • evidence of Explore, Express, Exchange and Evaluate; and
  • pieces of work that demonstrate breadth of experience of Using ICT (different types of software across different Areas of Learning).

For example, the submission for a school intending to report Levels 4, 5 and 6 should include a total of 15 pieces of work.

Please note that:

  • evidence of Level 1 is not required; and
  • the pieces of pupil work can come from any year group in Key Stage 3 – they do not have to be the work of only Year 10 pupils.

Moderation Follow-Up

This only applies to those schools whose understanding of the standards has not been verified at moderation. Schools can normally access follow-up support from CCEA moderators during June and September.

Forms for External Moderation Submissions

Schools will need to include the forms listed below with their moderation submission for Using ICT:

  • one Declaration of Internal Standardisation (EMA1 or EMA1 (IM) for Irish medium);
  • one cover sheet (EMA6i (S)) for each level included within the school submission; and
  • one school summary sheet (EMA7S or EMA7S (IM) for Irish medium).

Using ICT Support Resources