Journalism in the Media and Communications Industry

Subject Code: KD1

CCEA qualifications in Journalism in the Media and Communications Industry are available at GCSE and GCE.

These qualifications could be your first step towards an exciting and demanding career. Your study will enable you to explore the dynamic and rapidly changing world of journalism, resulting in self-development and improved confidence. Learning about journalism is like working as a journalist. Both offer a varied, fast-paced and challenging experience.

Students on these vocationally orientated courses have the chance to learn about and practise the core journalism skills of interviewing, writing and reporting. Recent developments in technology have changed the way we receive news, and the ability to write or talk knowledgeably about events so that other people will want to read about them and listen is in great demand, now more than ever.

Maggie Taggart

Maggie Taggart

Education and Arts Correspondent BBC NI

"I have never regretted following a career in journalism. It is endlessly varied and each day brings a new story with new challenges. My raw materials are words, sounds and pictures and my aim is to craft them to make the viewer or listener feel they not only know the facts but get a feeling of the emotion of the story. There are tight deadlines and constant pressure but that is part of the attraction. The job is rarely boring. Just as I am wondering where the next story will come from, suddenly word arrives that an extraordinary event has occurred, or there is an intriguing new twist in an old story. Adrenalin flows and I realise, once again, that I am in the right job."

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