Become an examiner with CCEA

Become an Examiner/Moderator with CCEA

Vocational and Statutory Assessment FAQs

Before applying to become an Examiner/Moderator with CCEA, read our Vocational and Statutory Assessment frequently asked questions.

Is guidance provided?

Yes, you will receive guidance. This will take several forms:

  • Instructions to Moderators Booklet. This contains general instructions such as:
    • preparation for the Internal Standardisation;
    • return of mark sheets; and
    • instructions regarding the assessing of portfolios.
  • You will attend a Briefing Meeting at the beginning of moderation where you will receive full training on the moderation process.
  • Mentoring by your supervising moderator. You can contact your supervising moderator by phone throughout the moderation process.

How many schools do I assess?

It varies from four to ten. In your first year you may be asked to assess a smaller number of centres.

How much time is allocated to the moderation process?

You will usually have up to three weeks to complete the moderation, depending on the subject area and the number of schools being moderated.

How much time do I need out of school?

You will need to attend briefing and moderation meetings. The job specification for the subject area will specify the maximum number of days you will need.

Is substitute cover provided?

Yes, substitute cover will be provided if a meeting is held on a weekday. Please note that you will need to set aside time within your own schedule for your moderation.

How do I receive and return the mark sheets?

You will pick up the school samples and mark sheets at the end of the Briefing Meeting. We will arrange the collection of samples and mark sheets from your school or preferred collection address.

Are there any other duties involved in this process?

Yes. You must check marks, complete a brief report, and attend training.