Become an examiner with CCEA

Become an Examiner/Moderator with CCEA

Become an Examiner/Moderator

A supply of well-trained and motivated examiners and moderators is vital to the health of our entire education system. We need the dedication, knowledge and understanding that you, as teachers and lecturers, can provide us.  That's why we want you to become involved in the process of setting and marking/moderating examinations and assessments with us.

What are the benefits?

Not only does it provide remarkable insights into the examining process, working with us provides so much more.

Benefits to you

Working with us can provide opportunities for you to:

  • Improve your understanding of the teaching and learning requirements of your specification;
  • Develop appreciation of mark schemes when assessing your pupils work;
  • Network with other education colleagues; and
  • Enhance your CV for applying for future posts.

Apply to become an Examiner/Moderator with CCEA

Benefits to your centre/college

Working with us is beneficial to your centre/college as:

  • Our training is valuable professional development provided at no cost to your centre; and
  • In addition to paying our examiners/moderators, we can also refund the costs of any supply cover through the Teacher Release system when examiners are required to attend one of our training or standardisation.

Apply to become an Examiner/Moderator with CCEA

Before you apply...

Please refer to the list of GCSE/GCE specifications and/or Vocational & Statutory Assessment specifications for which we welcome applications. You must provide evidence of how you meet the criteria for any positions you are applying for.  You can also contact us for support and/or read our FAQs.

Applications are particularly welcome from teachers with specialisms in the following areas:

  • English Language;
  • English Literature;
  • French
  • Geography;
  • Health and Social Care;
  • History;
  • Life and Health Sciences; and
  • Religious Studies.

Contact & support

If you have any queries please contact Contract for Services at CCEA:

Tel: 028 9026 1243 or 028 9026 1294
E-mail: [email protected]