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Vocational and Statutory Assessment specifications

CCEA welcome applicants with experience in Vocational and Statutory Assessment specifications.

Specifications Visiting Product
CoPE   X
Vocational Qualifications
Classroom Assistants   X
Creative Crafts X  
Employability   X
Modern Languages   X
Performance Skills X  
Personal Money Management   X
Preparation for Adult Life   X
Space Science Technology   X
Substance Misuse Awareness   X
Understanding Business Enterprise X  
Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism X  
Working in the Creative Crafts Industry X X
Occupational Studies
Business and Services   X
Construction   X
Design and Creativity   X
Engineering and Engineering Services   X
Environment and Society   X
Technology and Innovation   X
French   X
German   X
Irish   X
Spanish   X
Art and Design X  
English   X
Geography   X
History   X
Home Economics   X
Mathematics   X
Occupational Studies   X
Physical Education X  
Religious Studies   X
Science   X
Key Stage Assessment
Primary Using Mathematics   X
Primary Communication   X
Primary Using ICT   X
Post-Primary Using Mathematics   X
Post-Primary Communication   X
Post-Primary Using ICT   X



Moderators are allocated to centres and a suitable time is arranged with each centre by the moderator to enable them to carry out moderation of assessments in the centre.


Moderation takes place during a meeting at CCEA or samples are posted to the moderator for work to be carried out at home.