Contracting with CCEA

Do you have experience working within the Education Sector?

We need the dedication, knowledge and understanding that you, as teachers and lecturers, can provide us. CCEA offers an ideal opportunity for teachers and other professionals to earn extra income and be at the heart of educational development.

What does Contracting with CCEA mean?

If you enter into a contract for services with CCEA as either an Examiner, Moderator, Reviser or Professional Associate, you can expect CCEA to:

  • pay the rate agreed in the contract, assuming the services have been provided according to CCEA requirements;
  • pay according to the terms agreed, such as within 7 days, or 30 days depending on the terms agreed in the contract; and
  • provide a safe working environment if your role requires access to any of our three sites;

In return for providing your service, CCEA will expect you (the supplier) to:

  • supply services to the CCEA according to the contract schedule’s specification;
  • provide services to the standard required by the CCEA as agreed in the contract;
  • complete any projects, milestones, according to the contract schedule; and
  • abide by any health and safety arrangements if your role requires access to any of our three sites.

Contracting positions with CCEA are not considered to be employment.

There are currently no listed positions.