April should bring some better weather and see the last of the frosts. At last you can really get going with planting and sowing.

Planting out potatoes

If planting outside in raised beds make a hole about 10cm deep and pop the potato in. Early potatoes can be planted 30cm apart in rows 60cm apart. Cover the potatoes with soil and soon they will start growing. As they grow you can draw the surrounding soil up over the foliage which will give a bigger crop and prevent exposed potatoes from going green.

Potatoes grow really well in large bags or containers. You can get potato growing bags or use old compost bags, or indeed any large container about 40cm deep. Place a layer of compost about 15cm deep in the bottom of the bag, put in 3 potatoes and cover with compost. As green shoots and leaves appear just cover those with more compost and continue to do this until the bag is full. Keep watered, but not soaking.

Your potatoes will be ready when the potato plants produce flowers by the end of June.

To Do List

  • Plant out potatoes (chitted or not).
  • Keep weeding.
  • If you have rhubarb growing, that is more than one year old, you should be able to pull some this month!

You could be harvesting:

  • Kale
  • Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Salad leaves
  • A variety of herbs