The Arts

The Arts

The Arts is an Area of Learning in the curriculum. It has three strands: Art and Design, Drama, and Music. Through The Arts, children can express their individuality, imagination and creativity. These are closely linked to all aspects of their learning.

Teachers should enable children to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in:

Children come to school with their own experiences of Art and Design, Drama and Music. Teachers should use these experiences as a starting point for further development.

For further details, see the Statutory Requirements for The Arts at Foundation Stage.

In developing children’s creativity in all aspects of The Arts, teachers should emphasise the process, the children’s enjoyment and the learning that is taking place, rather than the finished product.

Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities

Children should have opportunities to develop their Cross-Curricular Skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT, and their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities through The Arts.


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