Annual Qualifications Insight Reports

Each year, we produce a significant amount of information and analysis about GCSE and GCE qualifications, using data from across Northern Ireland and our own qualification results.

We present much of this information and analysis to the media and public during the summer months. However, we believe a detailed analysis of this data and projection is of interest to a narrower educational audience. With this in mind, we have developed the Annual Qualifications Insight Report.

Annual Qualifications Insight Report

It contains analysis and a broad forecast, based on historic trends and patterns, for GCSE and GCE qualifications. It aims to promote discussion and engagement on educational matters. Alongside the report, we are hosting a series of Insight events aimed at providing a platform for further discussion among industry, business, policy makers and educationalists.

This report and the supporting events will contribute to the ongoing dialogue and help to inform policy makers, education professionals and industry so that we can improve education together.