General eModeration FAQs

What is E-Moderation?

E-Moderation is a suite of applications developed by CCEA to modernise the collection of controlled assessment/coursework marks and in some subjects online submission of samples for moderation.

Why has E-Moderation been introduced?

E-Moderation has been introduced to modernise the process of providing controlled assessment/coursework marks and samples for moderation to CCEA.


  • removes the need to complete the following paperwork as the information is provided online:
    • individual hardcopy candidate record sheets
    • TAC1 OMRs
    • TAC2 Internal Standardisation form
  • reduces the risk of totalling errors within Candidate Record Sheets as the marks are totalled automatically via the online system;
  • provides quicker access to information and reduces the number of queries for Exams Officers to deal with;
  • includes validation and provides a report of any outstanding actions;
  • provides the facility for some subjects to submit samples online for moderation.

What subjects are involved in E-Moderation?

From summer 2019, the eCandidate Record Sheet application is mandatory for all product type subjects. This includes visiting assessed subjects.

How do I register for a subject?

The Exams Officer in your centre has the facility via the centralised login to register you for the eCandidate Record Sheet for mandatory units. Once you are registered you will receive a username and password via email from EO Admin.

Can the Exams Officer re-set my password?

Yes. The Exams Officer can re-set users passwords by:

  1. Logging into the CCEA Central Login.
  2. Clicking 'User Management' tab.
  3. Clicking 'Edit User' (beside name of user)
  4. Selecting 'Reset Password' at the bottom of the screen.

What should I do if I forget my login details?

If you previously logged into the application and set a security question and answer you can use the 'Forgot Password?' button on the login screen. You must enter the correct email address used to register you.

If you never logged into the application ask your Exams Officer to re-set your password. You will receive an email providing new login details.