ePortfolio FAQs

What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is an online application used to upload samples to CCEA for moderation. Currently ePortfolio is only available for GCSE Gaeilge and GCE Music.

Who uses ePortfolio?

Only 'Lead teachers' registered for GCSE Gaeilge or GCE Music will have access to the ePortfolio application.

Is there a maximum file size that can be uploaded?

Yes. The maximum file size that can be uploaded on the ePortfolio application is 10MB.

How can I keep recordings below the maximum file size?

GCE Music

Please refer to the GCE Music microsite for specific instructions on preparing your sample for upload.

GCSE Gaeilge

When preparing to record your students you should set your recorder to the lowest recording setting that gives you the clarity needed to clearly hear and understand what your student is saying. The reduction in recording levels will help the recording stay within the recorded file-size limits permitted by CCEA, which is 10MB.

To ensure your MP3 recording is below 10MB and can be uploaded onto the ePortfolio application you should carry out some test recordings. Before testing you should have reduced the recording level of your MP3 recorder to the lowest practicable level (see your MP3 recorder handbook for advice on reducing recording levels).

  • Start your recording and let it run for approximately 6 minutes (the longest any CA recording should reach);
  • Stop the recording;
  • Name and save the recording;
  • Open the folder in which the file is saved;
  • Using your (computer) mouse, right-click the recording and scroll to the ‘Properties’ tab; then
  • The size of the file will be given.

If the file size is above 10MB you will need to reduce your recording levels on your MP3 (see your MP3 recorder handbook for advice on reducing recording levels).

Do I have to upload the recordings for all candidates?

No. Only a sample of the recordings will be required for moderation. The ePortfolio application will identify the candidates in the sample. You will also have to identify and upload the recordings of the candidates with the top mark and the bottom mark for the recorded task.

How will I know if I have completed the process successfully?

Lead teachers will receive a printable on-screen message and an email confirming successful submission.