Consortium Arrangements

Consortia arrangements are required when two or more centres have joint teaching arrangements for candidates from different centres for the same specification. The candidates are treated as a single group for the centre-assessed work.

The centres concerned must nominate a consortium co-ordinator who undertakes to liaise with CCEA on behalf of all centres in the consortium. The nominated co-ordinator’s centre will be the ‘lead centre’ (normally the teaching centre) of the consortium.

Full Consortium

All candidates for a specification in your centre are being taught in another centre.

In the above scenario, the teaching centre must complete JCQ Consortium Form available on CAP Portal in Central Login.

Partial Consortium

You are teaching a specification at your centre, and need to send some candidates to one or more centres for the same specification, or you are not teaching a specification at your centre, but you are sending candidates to two or more centres for the same specification.

In the above scenario, the admin centre must complete a CCEA Examinations Partial Consortium Arrangements form.

Forms must be submitted by:

  • November Series - 7 October

  • Summer Series - 31 January


If you are unsure or require some guidance please contact the Moderation and Assessment Team at [email protected].