Centres that Stop using A2C

It is important to notify CCEA of your intentions as soon as possible, if your centre is going to:

  • close;
  • merge with another centre; or
  • stop using CCEA for general and vocational qualifications.

Centres closing, merging or changing name

If your centre is closing, merging with another centre or has changed its name, but retained the same centre number you will need to notify the National Centre Number Register in writing and on headed paper at the following address:

National Centre Number Register

OCR, Centre Services
1 Hills Road
Tel: 01223 553600

Centres that are not supported by C2k should also notify the Management Information System (MIS) software provider that supports the centre.

If your centre does business with CCEA, you will need to notify CCEA that your centre is to close, merge with another centre or change its name, but retain the same centre number. You can do this by email: [email protected].

If your centre wishes to stop using CCEA for examinations

You will need to notify CCEA by email: [email protected].

CCEA will deactivate your centre’s links to CCEA on the A2C Migration Application.

You should consider keeping A2C active for CCEA, in case your centre decides to resume business with the Awarding Organisation later.