A2C (Awarding Organisations to Centre) Support

The Joint Council for Qualifications is leading the A2C project. The main Awarding Organisations, CCEA, Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC and City & Guilds, support the project.

A2C will improve the way Awarding Organisations and centres share operational data through their Management Information Systems (MIS).

The A2C project has two distinct aspects:

Phase 1 Transporting data between Awarding Organisations and centres

The A2C Migration Application has replaced the EDI Carriers, such as AVCO, Secure Net and Web Exchange, to transfer entry and forecast grade files to and result files from Awarding Organisations. The A2C Migration Application has been running since 1 September 2012. It has changed the way centres send entries to and receive results from Awarding Organisations.

All centres in the UK are now using the A2C Migration Application to send their entries to and receive their results from Awarding Organisations.

To use the A2C Migration Application when sending entries to and receiving results from CCEA you will require an A2C Access key. To obtain an A2C Access key, or replace an expired one, please email [email protected].

Phase 2 Improving Awarding Organisations’ and centres’processing software

From September 2015 to February 2016, CCEA, WJEC and OCR took part in a small but very successful pilot of A2C with Capita SIMS. These Awarding Organisations processed all entries made via A2C for a variety of qualifications, and the results issued through A2C in January 2016.

Phase 2 of the project is currently on hold – further information on timescales can be gained from JCQ website.

Further information about A2C

You can find out more about the A2C project at AVCO systems website.

  • Northern Ireland centres supported by C2k should contact the C2k Helpdesk on 0800 0931 541.
  • Centres that are not supported by C2k should contact the appropriate Awarding Organisation listed on the A2C contact section.