Concussion can occur in many different situations.

It could happen if you:

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What is Concussion

Concussion is a brain injury which is usually caused by hitting your head or a fall. It can happen at any time, anywhere: for example while taking part in sports, in the school playground or even at home. It can happen as a result of a collision with another player during, for example, a football, rugby or Gaelic match but it can also happen, for example, by falling off a bike, a wall or ladders or by falling down stairs. Concussion can also occur if you hit your head jumping into a shallow pool or falling on a hard surface such as concrete or ice.

Concussion must always be taken seriously, especially if it occurs a second time. A suspected concussion should always be reported to a teacher, parent, coach or referee immediately. The person affected should stop doing what they are doing and not continue until they have been seen by a doctor.

Remember: If in doubt, sit it out.

Pocket Concussion recognition Tool

To help identify concussion in children, youth and adults. Please also see the Pocket CONCUSSION RECOGNITION TOOL™.

Concussion should be suspected if one or more of the following visible clues, signs, symptoms or errors in memory questions are present.