Contract for Services with CCEA

Contract for Services Payment FAQs

1. How do I make sure I get paid?

In addition to submitting your properly completed and authorised claim in a timely manner, payment can only be made if you have completed and returned the following two forms:

  1. Personal Data Form - compulsory information that CCEA must request and have before we can make any payments; and
  2. BACS Authorisation Form - CCEA also needs your bank details in order to make payments to you.

Even if you have previously carried out work and been paid by CCEA before, the new pension legislation and HMRC regulations that have been introduced applies to both existing and new Contract for Services personnel. Therefore it is advisable that you ensure both of these forms are completed and returned to avoid any delays in payment.

2. I used to be tax exempt, so why am I being taxed now?

HMRC have changed the rules and individuals are no longer able to declare themselves tax exempt (the “tax exempt” form is now obsolete). The default position is that now basic rate tax is deducted. If you think you should not be paying tax on your CCEA earnings, you must contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300 quoting CCEA’s P.A.Y.E. reference number 925/NZ55575 and explain that you have been subject to basic rate tax.

If applicable, HMRC will issue CCEA with a new tax code , which we will apply and (if applicable) you will receive a tax refund in the next payment run. We can only accept this tax code from HMRC.

3. Why is CCEA moving to a monthly payroll?

The requirements of the pension legislation make it difficult for employers to operate a large weekly payroll where payments fluctuate, as is the case with payments to Contract for Services personnel.

4. When will I get paid each month?

The below table indicates the payment processing dates (i.e. the date that payments will be sent via the BACS system) for 2016/17. If your claim has been included in the relevant month’s payment, this will appear in your bank account 2-3 working days after the payment processing date.

April Tues 25th
May Thur 25th
June Tues 27th
July Wed 26th
August Fri 25th
September Tues 26th
October Thur 26th
November Mon 27th
December Tues 19th
January Fri 26th
February Fri 23rd
March Tues 27th

* Note: the dates provided are the planned processing dates but cannot be guaranteed. It may be delayed due to operational issues and/or circumstances that are beyond our control.

5. I submitted my claim before the payment processing date so why was I not paid this month?

CCEA aim to process all appropriately authorised claims received before the payment processing date (see Question 4 above for dates). Claims for payment of fees and expenses will be processed in order of date received therefore you should submit your claim as soon as possible to allow your claim to go through the authorisation procedure before it can be forwarded to Finance for payment.

In some cases, there may be other processing requirements that will stipulate when payments can be made regardless of when your claim was returned and received e.g. for invigilation, marking scripts, moderation, etc.

Whilst CCEA will attempt to process all claims received before the payment processing date, we cannot guarantee that all claims will be processed for payment in time for that month. During busy peak periods (e.g. summer examination series), it may take us longer than normal due to volume, resources and amount of queries/issues that CCEA receives.

CCEA must also have received all of your relevant personal data and bank details - see question 1.

6. Will I get paid separately for invigilation carried out in May & June?

No, only one payment will be made and this is paid when all of the invigilation for each examination series has been completed. Therefore, for the Summer examination series (i.e. May & June), due to the authorisation processes involved it is unlikely that payment will be made before the payment processing date in July.

Invigilators should also note that the questionnaire must be completed for each examination series (e.g. if you completed one for invigilation work carried out in January and carry out invigilation work again for the Summer series, you will need to complete another one related to that series). Failure to complete the questionnaire for each examination series and return the compulsory forms (see Question 1) will result in delays in payment to you.

7. When will I be paid for marking scripts? Will I be paid as soon as I return the completed scripts?

No, payment will not be paid as soon as you return your marked scripts. As stated in the invitation letter to the Standardising Meeting, payment is made after the awarding meeting for each subject has been completed. If you would like to know the date of the awarding meeting for your subject please contact the Appointments Section on 028 9026 1294 or 028 9026 1243 or by email to

We aim to process and authorise claims for script marking within 7 working days after the end of the awarding meeting. The marking fees will then be ready for payment and will be paid either in the same month or the following month depending on whether it is before or after the payment processing date (see Question 4 for payment processing dates).

8. I am a moderator, when will I be paid for the moderation work I have completed?

Moderation work will not be paid until the end of the moderation period for the whole examination series in question. The moderation work will need to go through authorisation processes before payments can be processed so your payment may be paid either in the same month as the end of moderation period or the following month. This will depend on whether it is before or after that month’s payment processing date (see Question 4 for payment processing dates).

9. I have been automatically enrolled into the NEST scheme, how do I opt out?

See question 19 under Pension Auto Enrolment FAQs.