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Pension Automatic Enrolment

Is this your first contract for services with CCEA?

Suppliers who are new to CCEA should ensure they read our Auto Enrolment information and follow the instructions to complete and return the Personal Data Form. We also have provided some FAQs which we hope will answer any queries you may have. Please note: CCEA cannot process payment for work completed unless the Personal Data Form has been submitted.

Pension Automatic Enrolment Information

What Pension Automatic Enrolment means for you

The government has made important changes to legislation surrounding pensions. Employers will now be required to automatically enrol workers who meet the relevant criteria in to a work place pension scheme without them having to do anything.

The changes have been introduced because millions of people are not saving enough for their retirement. The new pensions legislation is therefore designed to encourage those who are not saving at all or not saving enough, to start saving more. The maximum State Pension is currently £115.95 a week for a single person. If you want to have more when you retire, you will need to start saving for a pension on top of that. The earlier you start the more you can save and the easier it will be.

The legislation sets out different categories of workers based on age and earnings. We will write to you in due course to advise you of the category in to which you fall. We will also inform you when you have been enrolled, or if you’re not being automatically enrolled, we’ll tell you how you can start saving in a workplace pension.

You can choose to opt out of the scheme if you want to, but if you stay in you will have your own pension which you get when you retire.

When this will happen

When exactly an employer enrols their workers depends on their size. Very large employers did it first, in late 2012 and early 2013. Other employers are following sometime after this, over several years. Here at CCEA, if you meet the relevant criteria, we will enrol you into our workplace pension scheme in early 2014.

To find out more about what enrolment into a workplace pension means for you, visit

Personal Data Form

CCEA cannot process payment for work completed unless the Personal Data Form has been submitted.

All new and existing Contracts for Services personnel are required to provide additional information to comply with new pensions legislation and HMRC regulations. Without this information CCEA will be unable to pay you for work done. Please complete and submit the Personal Data Form if you have not already done so.

Contract for Services: Personal Data Form

BACS Authorisation Form

CCEA pay all Contracts for Services personnel directly into their bank account by the BACS system. To ensure that CCEA have the correct bank details for you, please also complete the below BACS Authorisation Form to enable us to make payment to you.

Contract for Services: BACS Authorisation Form


If you experience any difficulty sending this form via the ‘Email Completed Form’ button at the bottom of the form, please save it and send it as an attachment to