Our Values

Values may be defined as things you believe in and which help to define the way you live. Individual CCEA staff have personal values that are individual to them, their family or the community to which they belong. We encourage these personal values. We do, however, have corporate values and expect staff to ‘live’ our corporate values as they go about their daily business in CCEA.

Learner at the Centre of everything we do

  • Recognise and understanding the needs of learners; adapting to meet their changing needs;​
  • Taking every opportunity to listen and understand the learner; and​
  • Providing opportunities that enhance educational outcomes and enable all learners to realise their full potential.​


  • Understanding that we all have a responsibility to uphold CCEA’s reputation and recognising our personal role in achieving this;
  • Recognising where efficiencies can be made across the business and do our most to make these happen;
  • Quality assuring all our work; making sure it stands up to the highest level of scrutiny and always seeking ways to improve; and
  • Helping others improve by identifying strengths in their work and providing constructive feedback on how they might improve.

Honesty & Integrity

  • Sharing and explaining the reasoning behind our decisions and keeping our people and stakeholders informed;
  • Timely, clear and transparent communication with our people and stakeholders;
  • Always being open about difficult messages and where we can improve; and
  • Being open with each other about error and mistake, so we can learn, correct and improve.


  • Utilising the skills and abilities from across our team, our organisation and other stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes;
  • Learning from each other; sharing insights, experience and knowledge;
  • Seeking out collaborative partnerships that benefit all;
  • Actively seeking new connections and building our networks; and
  • Supporting each other and other teams during busy periods.


  • Providing and taking the opportunity to develop and enhance skills; sharing experiences to build resilience across the team;
  • Taking personal responsibility for our own development; making sure our skills are ready for work we have to do; and
  • Recognising and celebrating exceptional performance.​

Responsibility & Ownership

  • Communicating and being clear about the work we each have responsibility for;
  • Proactively taking accountability for our work, decisions and action;
  • Trusting other to take charge of their own responsibilities; and
  • Providing support to others when they need help or advice.


  • Making time to think about new solutions and innovative ways of working.
  • Sharing and respecting ideas from across the organisation.

Further Information

The CCEA Code of Ethics sets out behaviours expected of CCEA employees and provides an ethical framework for employee decisions and actions.

CCEA principles and objectives in relation to quality and excellence are set out in the Quality Policy.

CCEA’s approach to social responsibility is set out in the Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy.

CCEA’s approach to its people is described in the various policies and procedures set out in the internal CCEA staff handbook.

CCEA’s approach to its customers is set out in the Mission Statement and the Customer Charter and Corporate Plan.

The seven principles of public life (Nolan) are: selflessness; integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness; honesty; and leadership.