Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

CCEA places learners and those who have a concern for their educational and personal development at the forefront of its thinking. CCEA's mission is:

To enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised.

Our Vision

CCEA’s mission is to enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised. This mission, which places learners at the centre of CCEA’s thinking, serves as the starting point for CCEA’s vision of education and the part education can and should play in the social, economic and political well being of Northern Ireland.

CCEA’s vision for Northern Ireland is one where its most important resource, its people, are equipped functionally and emotionally to be able to exploit the opportunities presented locally and globally and in a changing world. It is a vision where its people embrace and face with confidence the challenges of the 21st Century, whatever they are now and turn out to be. It is a vision where they are active citizens who continue to challenge and to clarify their own ideas and values.

To achieve this means developing transferable knowledge, understanding and skills. It means encouraging personal behaviours which lead to the development and maintenance of stable home and workplace relationships based on trust and respect. It means finding ways through education that will contribute to societal cohesion and a respect for individual and group diversity within that cohesion.

CCEA’s vision for education is one where education supports intellectual, social, moral and spiritual development and fosters a love for learning in young people and adults alike. CCEA’s vision is one where education provision reflects the needs of individual learners, the community and the Northern Ireland economy. CCEA’s vision is one where access to learning opportunities is available to all. It is one where structural arrangements are determined by educational needs.

CCEA also has a vision for educational providers - that they exhibit in a transparent way the very highest standards of corporate governance and accountability in their stewardship of public resources. CCEA has a vision where customers and stakeholders are at the centre of educational providers’ thinking and where their needs and expectations are met, where the end users of qualifications, particularly employers and higher education, have confidence in the integrity of the qualifications system.

CCEA’s Corporate Plan provides the organisation with the strategic direction to achieve its vision.