What we do

CCEA is a unique educational body in the UK, bringing together the three areas of curriculum, examinations and assessment.

We put the learner at the centre of everything we do. We think about what learners need for life and work and then build solutions to meet those needs. We do this for all levels of education from Foundation Stage and Early Years to A level and beyond.

As a key organisation in the education sector, CCEA:

  • provides research and advice to DE on what is taught and assessed in our local schools and colleges;
  • delivers assessment arrangements for primary and post-primary schools;
  • supports teachers to deliver the Northern Ireland Curriculum through a wide range of freely available resources;
  • provides GCSE, GCE and other courses to our local schools and colleges; and
  • acts as qualifications regulator on behalf of the Department of Education and Department for the Economy, accrediting a range of qualifications for use in Northern Ireland.

    Advising Government

    On what should be taught in Northern Ireland’s schools and colleges.

    Monitoring Standards

    Ensuring that the qualifications and examinations offered by awarding bodies in Northern Ireland are of an appropriate quality and standard.

    Awarding Qualifications

    As Northern Ireland’s leading awarding body we offer a diverse range of qualifications, such as GCSEs, GCE A and AS levels, Entry Level Qualifications and Vocational Qualifications.