Quality Policy

CCEA’s quality policy sits within the context of its mission which is to enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised.

The aspiration of CCEA is to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of its stakeholders and interested parties through a process of continuous improvement involving all staff. These will be identified through consultation and effective two way communication. CCEA will aim to develop a broad and relevant curriculum supported by high quality assessment and qualifications. The QMS will be the basis to achieve these aspirations and will be structured on a process and risk based approach.

To achieve these goals CCEA and its staff will be involved in processes and actions designed to:

  • achieve customer satisfaction;
  • achieve no fail deadlines;
  • reduce costs and increase income;
  • improve internal and external communications; and
  • enable staff to fulfil their potential.

Specific quality objectives for given periods of time are set out within CCEA’s annual operational plan and the Strategic Framework and Strategy Map. These are subject to reporting and review through CCEA’s Performance Management Arrangements. To meet these goals CCEA will deploy tried and tested quality frameworks including: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 27001, ISO 20001 and Investors in People.

To support CCEA to achieve these strategic objectives this quality policy has been established. It is implemented through CCEAs Quality Management System, maintained and monitored by the business assurance function.

Justin Edwards
Chief Executive
Date: August 2018

The scope of the QMS applies to the provision of consulting and business services to the Department of Education (William Ritchie and Clarendon buildings) and to publishing and distribution (Mallusk building) (Note: the William Ritchie is managed under the Harbour Commissioners contract).

The above policy will be communicated to all staff, including all new employees, so that it may be practiced and/or realised during day to day operational work. This policy is communicated to staff through the CCEA Sharepoint Hub, through induction and externally on CCEA’s website. The policy will be reviewed through CCEA’s ISO management arrangements.