Occupational Health & Safety Policy

It is CCEA’s objective to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, the people it works with and for those who visit its premises. CCEA is committed to fulfil all requirements of the Health & Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978, the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 and all other relevant associated legislation and other requirements.

CCEA will achieve this by:

  • Actively identifying health and safety hazards and unsafe processes/systems of work with a view to eliminating, controlling or minimising OH&S risks, whilst also identifying OHS opportunities.
  • Ensuring its continued commitment to the prevention of work-related injury and ill healthand the promotion of employee wellbeing through for example, health at work initiatives, undertaking risk assessments and promoting health and safety awareness.
  • Continually improving the occupational health and safety (OHS) management system and performance in line with the ISO45001 standard and CCEA objectives.
  • A commitment to consultation and participation of employees, their representatives, and other interested parties.
  • Promoting and raising awareness of OHS issues with all workers and other interested parties, drawing attention to the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Providing suitable and sufficient OHS information, instruction and training to enable employees to develop and improve their competencies within their working environment in order to carry out their work in a safe and efficient manner.

Occupational health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, and a prime responsibility of all levels of management. It is therefore expected that everyone will contribute towards achieving these policy objectives. At an operational level, the Resources Team and the Business Assurance Team will ensure that CCEA operates an effective OHS Management System. CCEA’s aim, and the aim of CCEA’s Executive Team, is to encourage initiative and adopt best practice in a culture where employees at all levels of CCEA are aware of their individual health and safety responsibilities and are actively engaged and committed to improving standards of OHS.

Justin Edwards
Chief Executive
Date: August 2020