The Key Stage 3 Thematic Unit has three sections:

Classroom Activities

These are structured learning and teaching opportunities. There is a strong emphasis on the Olympic and Paralympic values throughout the activities. They therefore have a strong Learning for Life and Work element. There are, however, opportunities throughout the activities to connect learning with other Areas of Learning.

PE Activities

The PE activities use the ethos and values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as the focus of a variety of athletics, dance and games activities.

Olympic and Paralympic School Event

This section describes how your school could hold its own Olympic and Paralympic Event to celebrate the Rio 2016 Games.

The activities pupils experience in the classroom, and in PE, build towards their participation in an Olympic and Paralympic Celebration Event. We estimate that the Thematic Unit can be undertaken in eight weeks. However, you can choose from the activities described in the unit to suit the particular needs and interests of your class. You may even wish to focus on only one of the sections of the Thematic Unit.