Subject Areas – from lullabies to emigration

Subject Areas – from lullabies to emigration


The subject areas covered are wide and diverse and cover the whole gamut of human emotion - lullabies and children’s songs, songs about animals and hunting, about work and lifestyle; songs of fun and celebration, of war and travel; songs of crime, songs about death and ghosts; songs of praise for the home country, songs of emigration, songs of longing for home; songs in praise of love, of unreturned love, of farewell in love, of returning love and uncertain love; songs of unfaithful love and love despite one’s parents, songs of wedded bliss and happiness; political songs and songs lamenting the passing of older times.

If the human has encountered a situation, there’ll be a song to deal with it.


  • Children's Songs

    Fair Rosa, a popular children's playground song

  • Emmigration

    La Lugh perform The Emigrant's Farewell

  • Politics

    Frank Harte sings Henry Joy, a political song

  • Religion

    Nórín Ní Riain & the Monks of Glenstal Abbey Perform An tAiseiri