Guitar & Other Stringed Instruments


Guitar / Bouzouki / Cittern / Mandocello / Mandolin

With the folk boom of the 1960s and the inevitable cross-fertilization of popular and traditional cultures, a rhythmic and chordal accompaniment began to find its way into what was formerly a purely linear, melodic form. The guitar and the Greek bouzouki found a place for themselves and before long, variations such as the mandocello and cittern began to appear as well as the mandolin, which is now frequently used as a lead instrument.

The guitar has also very effectively been used as a solo instrument in traditional music. Omagh guitarist Arty McGlynn blazed a trail in the 1970s and 80s and there are now many fine traditional guitarists who both accompany and play tunes.


Donal Lunny and Andy Irivine were key in the development of these instruments within the tradition. Arty McGlynn blazed a trail in the 70s and 80s and Scottish guitarist Tony McManus has a highly-individual approach, likewise Australian Steve Cooney


  • Steve Cooney

    Performs The Strathnairn with Seamus Begley (box)

  • Tony McManus on guitar

    Lady Ann Montgomery's Reel / Eilish Brogan / Paddy Fahey's

  • Donal Lunny on bouzouki

    Coolfin / Nora Criona