Statistical Reports

CCEA Regulation, along with fellow regulators in England and Wales, produce statistical bulletins on the summer series for GCE and GCSE examinations each year. These bulletins present data on;

  • Malpractice
  • Special Consideration
  • Access Arrangements
  • Enquiries about Results
  • Appeals against Results

These bulletins summarise the performance of the six awarding organisations offering GCE and GCSE qualifications across Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Publication schedule

Malpractice, Special Consideration and Access Arrangements reports are published in October of each year. The Enquiry about Results is published in November and the Appeals against Results is published in the March following the summer exams series.


Malpractice for GCSE and A Level - Summer 2014
689.82 KB - uploaded 24-08-2015
Appeals for GCSE and GCE: Summer 2012
290.54 KB - uploaded 23-09-2014
Access Arrangements for GCSE and GCE: 2010/2011
338.53 KB - uploaded 23-09-2014
Malpractice in GCSE and GCE: June 2011
341.73 KB - uploaded 23-09-2014
Special Consideration in GCSE and GCE: June 2011
269.44 KB - uploaded 23-09-2014