EQAVET in the UK

The four administrations in the UK work actively to align their vocational education quality assurance systems with the EQAVET indicators. They all have mature quality assurance systems and strategies in place which enables analysis of performance at system and provider level for all VET providers. In 2011 each of the nations examined their existing quality assurance system for VET in the light of the EQAVET recommendation and identified areas for improvement.

The UK is represented on working groups established to look at different aspects of EQAVET implementation. These groups looked at QA for work-based learning providers (The outcome of the working group can be found here.) and at the interrelation between the EQAVET Framework and existing quality management systems/instruments. (The outcome of the working group can be found here.)

Further working groups are planned to look at the quality assurance approach in adult education in the context of continuing VET and at the use of learning outcomes to increase mobility and the labour reference of VET qualifications.

For further information go to the EQAVET website.