ECVET Implementation – EU Level

The ECVET recommendation and monitoring its implementation

The ECVET recommendation (June 2009) invited Member States to create, by 2012, the necessary conditions for gradual implementation of ECVET with a review and evaluation of the first stage of ECVET implementation in 2014.

Cedefop, who has the role of supporting and monitoring ECVET implementation at EU level published a document on ‘The necessary conditions for ECVET implementation’ (April 2012). This summarises the conditions as follows:

  • existing national qualifications framework or register (transparency on qualifications)
  • learning outcomes approach to qualifications, educational standards (teaching and training plans, curricula, etc.) but also to assessment, recognition and validation
  • design of units of learning outcomes
    • component of a qualification
    • adaptability for mobility purposes
  • assessment provisions adapted to learning mobility and learning outcomes approach / unit-based qualifications
  • crediting of learning outcomes
  • recognition and validation of learning outcomes
  • transfer and accumulation of learning outcomes.

It is clear that the UK has the elements required for ECVET (learning outcomes, units of assessment, credit points and credit transfer) already in place. For the UK a significant challenge is to make learners, providers and employers aware that ECVET is a convention that is being used here and abroad. The network of ECVET experts will help with this challenge.

Cedefop produces an annual report for the EC on ECVET implementation in Europe. Cedefop’s fourth report 'Monitoring ECVET implementation strategies in Europe 2013' analyses ECVET developments in 38 countries and regions, including the UK, up to September 2013.

Evaluation of the ECVET recommendation in 2014

The European Commission undertook an evaluation of the ECVET recommendation and a final report from external evaluators was published in July 2014. It can be accessed here.

The Commission will submit its report on ECVET Evaluation to the European Parliament and the Council in due course.