Links with Stakeholders

During each of the three consultation phases, we engaged with:

Invest NI – working closely to establish links with business and to ensure that our early ideas on the new specifications aligned with skills requirements and Executive Policy.

Employers – establishing a panel of employers to review the specifications. The panel agreed that the specifications meet learners' needs, as the content is up to date and relevant. It also felt that the specifications give learners opportunities to:

  • improve their skills, be creative and demonstrate independent learning; and
  • realise and develop skills relating to real-life work contexts through the learning and assessment methodologies.

Other stakeholder groups – advising as part of our quality assurance process. During this phase we invited a wider stakeholder group to review our specifications. This included teachers and representatives from higher education, teacher training, subject associations and employer groups.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation process. Your participation means we are confident that our new portfolio of qualifications reflects the latest thinking in education, business and industry; meeting the changing needs of learners, society, the economy and environment.