E-Moderation News

E-Moderation Functionality Change (Examinations Officers only) (01/03/18)

Following the redesign of the CCEA Central Login website, the following functionality has been removed from E-Moderation Admin:

Create new user - You can no longer create a new user directly through E-Moderation Admin. To add a new user to your centre, please navigate to the My Centre section of Central Login and click on the "Add a new user" icon

2016 E-Moderation Feedback Response (22/12/16)

Based on the feedback from users of eCandidate Record Sheets (eCRS) in summer 2016 significant changes have been made to the application and subject specific units.

Subject specific changes - details of subject specific changes will be emailed to the appropriate registered users in January 2017.

What has changed for all units. A link to this document is also available within the eCRS application.

2015 E-Moderation Feedback Response (22/12/15)

2015 E-Moderation Feedback Response - This document is to highlight CCEA's response to issues raised by users.

GCE/GCSE eCandidate Record Sheets - Scope for Summer 2016 (16/10/15)

A circular has been issued to centres informing them of the E-Moderation scope for Summer 2016. This circular is to notify centres of the GCE/GCSE eCandidate Record Sheets (eCRS) scope in 2015.

Summer 2015 Centre Reports for E-Moderation Units (04/08/15)

Centre reports for E-Moderation units will be emailed to the Head of Centre, as registered on the E-Moderation admin system, and copied to the registered lead teacher. The GCE Moving Image Arts centre reports will be issued on 13 August 2015 and the GCSE reports on 20 August 2015.