Consortia arrangements are required when two or more centres have joint teaching arrangements for candidates from different centres for the same specification. The candidates are treated as a single group for the centre-assessed work. The centres concerned must nominate a consortium co-ordinator who undertakes to liaise with CCEA on behalf of all centres in the consortium. The nominated co-ordinator’s centre will be the ‘lead centre’ (normally the teaching centre) of the consortium.

The nominated consortium co-ordinator is required to:

  • Complete and submit the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Application for Centre Consortium Arrangements for centre-assessed work form. This form is available to complete electronically on JCQ’s new CAP Portal under ‘Centre consortium arrangements’. This can be accessed via the centralised login.  The completed form must be with CCEA’s Moderation Team no later than the 31st of January for the forthcoming summer series. One form is required for each specification.
  • Be registered by their Exams Officer, via the centralised login, for the eCandidate Record Sheet application for the specification’s controlled assessment/ coursework unit(s).
  • Complete and validate the eCandidate Record Sheet application to submit marks for all candidates in the consortium and other required information relating to the moderation.
  • When required by the specification, use other E-Moderation applications to provide samples for moderation.

Queries relating to consortium arrangements can be forwarded to CCEA using the Contact Us facility on this microsite or emailed to