Grade Boundaries

Grade boundaries are the minimum marks you need to achieve each grade.


Where can I find the grade boundaries for GCSE?

GCSE Subject Level Uniform Mark Grade Boundaries: Spring 2018

GCSE Science Uniform Mark Boundaries : March 2018 (legacy specifications)

GCSE Science Uniform Mark Boundaries: March 2018 (revised specifications)



How are grade boundaries worked out?

Grade boundaries for each component or unit are set by members of the CCEA awarding committee for each specification. A wide range of information is considered, including reports from the examiners on how candidates answered questions; and how these answers compared with those of previous years’ examinations. For each grade boundary, scripts from previous years representing the quality of work associated with various grades are also considered to ensure that the standards are the same year on year. The awarding committee for each specification is then in a position to identify a grade boundary.