Qualifications Administration Handbook

The purpose of this Qualifications Administration Handbook is to assist Examinations Officers and teachers with the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations.

This Handbook should be read in conjunction with the JCQ guidance and is governed by the GCSE, and GCE Code of Practice.

The qualifications included in this Guide are:

  • AS, Advanced and Double Award GCE (including Applied GCE);
  • GCSE (including Applied GCSE);
  • Key and Essential Skills;
  • QCF, Occupational Studies and CoPE
  • OLA;
  • QCF Modern Languages

CCEA will notify centres of any amendments to the Qualifications Administration Handbook in a circular or Notice to centres.

If you have any particular view or perhaps a suggestion for how the documents can be improved, please do not hesitate to contact Centre Support, Clarendon Dock on (028) 9026 1293 or by e-mail at centresupport@ccea.org.uk.

Below you will find PDF versions of the different handbook sections for printing / downloading:


Appeals Procedure
204.27 KB - uploaded 31-08-2017
Calendar of Events for Academic Year 2017-18
56.57 KB - uploaded 06-03-2018
Charges for Academic Year 2017 / 2018
125.33 KB - uploaded 05-10-2017
Charges Notes for Academic Year 2017 / 2018
96.14 KB - uploaded 08-11-2017
223.64 KB - uploaded 06-09-2017
Early Release and Estimated Entry Booklet
869.82 KB - uploaded 07-09-2017
EO Diary (Form)
1.11 MB - uploaded 31-08-2017
512.21 KB - uploaded 02-11-2017
Modular GCSE - Unit Weightings 2016/17
148.5 KB - uploaded 31-08-2017
Specification and Entry Codes (GCE & GCSE)
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