Freshly prepared A Level Nutrition and Food Science

Learners in Northern Ireland will gain a fresh insight into the global nutrition and food science sector thanks to our recently launched A Level Nutrition and Food Science. The renamed specification, first teaching in schools from September 2016, is a revision of A Level Home Economics with a stronger focus on the food industry and the inter-relationship between diet, lifestyle and health.

The revised specification has been developed in response to the needs of industry, teachers and universities who CCEA consulted with as part of The ReVision programme.

The qualification includes new important topics in today’s world including the issues of Food Supply and Food Poverty. A Level Nutrition and Food Science hopes to attract both male and female learners to develop knowledge and skills that can lead to third level study and careers in the nutrition and food science industry.

CCEA’s GCSE Food and Nutrition revised specification has just been accredited for first teaching in September 2017.

To find out more about the revised A Level or GCSE please contact Subject Officer Glynis Henderson at or Subject Support Officer Nola Fitzsimons at

About The ReVision

The ReVision is a CCEA programme to revise our A level and GCSE specifications to provide a suite of high quality, modern qualifications that reflect the needs of learners and the local and global economy. We offer a comprehensive support programme for each specification. Contact us if you would like more information about any of our revised specifications.

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