Positive Start to the 2016 CBA Programme

This year’s launch of the CBA Programme is now fully underway and initial findings and feedback from schools are extremely positive.

As we approach half term, almost two thirds of primary schools registered for the CBA Programme have already started their CBAs, and over 30,000 pupil assessments have been completed.

CCEA was pleased to introduce two new developments to the CBAs this year:

  1. Transfer of CBA data into SIMS/Assessment Manager; and
  2. Diagnostic Class Reports.

In order to best support schools avail of these new facilities CCEA is providing teacher training through face-to-face events and online Collaborate Training. We are approximately half way through the training sessions and feedback from schools is very positive.

As with previous years, there is a wide range of resources available to support schools with CBA, all of which is available here:

Computer-Based Assessment ccea.org.uk/curriculum/key_stage_1_2/assessment/computer_based_assessment

The CBA Helpdesk continues to be available throughout the autumn term and is contactable by both telephone 028 9026 1274 and email cba@ccea.org.uk.

Note to Editors

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