First 5 revised GCSE specifications now accredited

CCEA is delighted to announce that the first of our GCSE revised specifications, for first teaching September 2017, have been accredited.

English Literature, Food and Nutrition, Child Development, Art and Design, and Physical Education are the first group of GCSE specifications from a suite of 37 to be fully revised, accredited and available online.

CCEA anticipate that the remaining qualifications from Phase 1, Technology and Design and Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies, will be accredited in the coming weeks. CCEA are following a phased delivery of the GCSE specifications. The phased delivery will comprise of 5 phases, which will see 7 or 8 specifications introduced at each phase.

Follow the links below to view our newly accredited draft specifications. These specifications are currently undergoing pre-publication checks and we plan to publish the final version online by the end of November 2016. We will let you know when these are ready. Look out for information about our support events and materials for these subjects which will be available from November through to June 2017.

GCSE English Literature

The revised specification will offer a range of texts which include a mix of local and modern writers giving a variety to suit an assortment of readers. The specification also provides a carefully selected variety of poems across three themed poetry anthologies to appeal to the different interests of students. There is a manageable amount of demand on research through the Controlled Assessment for both teachers and students.

CCEA GCSE Specification in English Literature

GCSE Food and Nutrition

This revised specification (formerly known as GCSE Home Economics) is now a linear qualification and all assessment will take place at end of the course. The specification allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition and apply skills to 'real-life contexts'. It also provides students with opportunities to develop confidence in demonstrating high level food practical skills.

New content includes food provenance, food processing and production and nutritional analysis and costing.

The course helps to prepare young people for adult life and independent living and also provides an excellent foundation for young people who wish to undertake further study or work in these areas, for example progression to CCEA’s A Level in Nutrition and Food Science.

CCEA GCSE Specification in Home Economics: Food and Nutrition

GCSE Child Development

The revised Child Development specification is now a three unit qualification with one controlled assessment task. The specification content aims to encourage students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills (including practical skills) required for working in the area of child development. Other course content valuable for future adult life includes understanding pregnancy, the responsibilities of being a parent and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

For example, this qualifications now includes content on meeting the needs of the new born baby, baby brain development, the dietary needs of the child, communication development and the role of health professionals.

CCEA GCSE Specification in Home Economics: Child Development

GCSE Physical Education

The revision of this specification has introduced a new option of event management to reflect content at GCE. The qualification has now shifted to a single list of activities to choose from so candidates can select any 3 sports (from our list) without restriction. CCEA has also engaged with Disability NI and will be including sports they recommend on the basis of uptake in schools.

CCEA GCSE Specification in Physical Education

GCSE Art and Design

The revised GCSE Art and Design will allow students to actively engage in the creative process of art, craft and design. Students explore a broad range of visual elements and will be encouraged to experiment with a breadth of different disciplines, media, techniques and processes, including drawing. Students will use relevant contextual sources to support their practice.

CCEA GCSE Specification in Art and Design

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