Change in scheduling of AS and A2 units in summer 2017 timetable

CCEA's draft GCE summer 2017 timetable is now available to view.

GCE Timetables

We wish to draw your attention to a change in the scheduling of AS and A2 units from Summer 2017. AS units in GCE specifications will now be scheduled before the corresponding A2 units. This change will commence in the GCE summer 2017 timetable and will be in effect for future CCEA GCE summer timetables.

This change is the result of consultation feedback from schools. We carried out two phases of online consultation with post primary centres in 2015 to elicit the views of teachers, principals and heads of department on this matter.

Almost two thirds of respondents to the questionnaire indicated that they would prefer AS units to be scheduled before A2 units. Some of the most common reasons given for this preference were:

  • the additional preparation time such a change would allow for teachers to prepare candidates for A2 examinations, particularly when the A2 units will be weighted higher than the AS units in the new specifications; and
  • the scheduling of AS before A2 units in the CCEA GCE timetable would bring a consistency with the English and Welsh awarding organisations' timetables.

The outcome, therefore, of the consultation was that the majority of respondents were in favour of CCEA scheduling AS units before A2 units in line with the other awarding organisations.

There is a three month consultation period on the draft GCE timetable and any comments should be forwarded to by 31 May 2016. If you would like to discuss the above change to the scheduling of GCE units on the timetable, please contact Sharon King, Programme Manager, at

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