CCEA pays tribute to cast of thousands on eve of results

With students across Northern Ireland waking up to their GCE results in the morning, local awarding organisation CCEA has given top marks to the thousands of contracted examiners and moderators– the great majority of whom are practicing teachers – who have played a central role in marking and awarding this year’s examinations.

Tribute has also been paid to the role of examiners in modernising and improving the marking system in recent years.

CCEA Director of Qualifications, Anne Marie Duffy commented:

"Over the space of just 6 weeks, since the end of the examinations timetable, more than 4,000 examiners, moderators and markers have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure all 436,000 CCEA GCE and GCSE examination papers have been marked, assessed and graded to the highest standard.

Put simply, the dedication, knowledge and subject expertise of the teachers who make up the great majority of our examining and moderation teams, has ensured that every single student receives a grade to reward their hard work.

This summer through examiners’ commitment to training and improvement, we have been able to mark more than 300,000 of our examination papers online, that’s approximately 75% of all papers. Benefits include greater efficiency to the marking process and the data collected means that CCEA is able to provide performance information back into schools to support teachers and learners in the classroom.

I would like to record my thanks to each examiner and moderator for their professionalism and work in support of learners and the examinations system.

We also send our best wishes to all those learners receiving results tomorrow and next week."

Examiners & moderators

  • 4,414 examiners employed this year
    • Examiners are responsible for marking candidates' scripts in accordance with the agreed mark scheme.
  • 749 moderators employed this year
    • Moderators review the centre assessment of candidates' work in accordance with the agreed assessment criteria and CCEA's procedures.

Learners receiving results

  • 73,646 learners will be receiving their results tomorrow and next week
    • 28,149 students from 188 centres will receive A2/AS Level results from CCEA
    • 45,497 students from 261 centres will receive GCSE results from CCEA.

Online Results

  • This year 25,697 learners are expected to access their A level results online, representing 169 centres.
  • Last year 24,891 students accessed their A level results online, from 80 countries around the world, that included Japan, Qatar, St Lucia and Zimbabwe.

How many CCEA scripts were marked online this year?

  • 2016: 300,526
  • 2015: 270,562

Item Level Data / CCEA Analytics

Introduced in 2014 CCEA Analytics provides CCEA centres with access to question level data for Summer examinations. Information is available at centre, group and learner level for 7 subjects. Also, from the end of October 2016, CCEA centres will have access to a further 8 subjects.

Current subjects:
GCSE English Language
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE Physics
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Biology
GCSE Double Award Science
GCSE Single Award Science

Available from October 2016:
GCSE Business Studies
GCSE English Literature
GCSE French
GCSE Irish
GCSE Learning for life and work
GCSE Technology and Design

About CCEA

CCEA is the Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment. We place learners and those who have a concern for their educational and personal development at the forefront of our thinking. Our mission is:

"To enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised."

Advising Government – on what should be taught in Northern Ireland’s schools and colleges.

Monitoring Standards – ensuring that the qualifications and examinations offered by awarding bodies in Northern Ireland are of an appropriate quality and standard

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