CCEA’s A Level Sports Science Students have an Eventful Year!

Students studying CCEA’s A Level Sports Science have organised a series of extremely successful events throughout the year, as part of their course. The events help develop student’s creative skills and are a key element of the course. Peter Davidson, Education Manager Sports Science & Applied Business, CCEA, commented:

"I would like to publicly acknowledge the outstanding work of Centre staff, students and the CCEA Moderation Top Team, who have all contributed to the success of this qualification. The Centre staff and students have fully embraced the opportunities the A2 Event Management Unit was designed to offer. The diversity and size of some events has been amazing. They have provided students with incredible 'first hand' experience of running an event, which is exactly what this Unit is all about. The uptake of this qualification has been equally encouraging and by September 2017 there will be c.35 centres and c.500 students engaged with this qualification".

Here is a taster of some of the activity carried out this year:

Limavady Grammar School (LGS)

Five students from the school; Callum Whiteside, Christopher Stewart, Megan Hassan, Jodie Shannon and Jennifer Smyth, organised a 2km Colour Run event in February 2016 in the grounds of LGS and this was the first time an event of this type had been organised in the Limavady area. The team trained and organised a further 25 staff to help them run the event. The Colour Run was opened to all Year 12-14 pupils at LGS, with a total of 120 pupils taking part. The event was very successful achieving lots of local publicity, with a total of £700 being raised. The monies raised were split equally between the school minibus fund and the 'Jennifer’s Journey' charity. This is a charity for one of the pupils in the class, Jennifer Smyth, who had a gymnastics accident in September 2013 causing her to sustain serious spinal injuries. The money raised for Jennifer’s Journey will be used in Jennifer’s quest to walk again.

The school also organised an ‘Aquathon’ for Year 8 pupils from Limavady Grammar School, Limavady High School and St Marys, Limavady. Again a first for the area. The pupils had to swim 200 metres in the local Leisure Centre Pool and then went straight into a run around the St Mary’s pitches beside the pool. There were a total of 30 competitors, 10 from each school, with the overall winners being Limavady Grammar School. The group of students that planned the event, which consisted of Matthew Brown, Aife McSheffrey, Erin Loughery, Simon Greenwood and Meghan Doey were very well organised. They were able to get Peter Jack, local triathlon competitor and commentator on-board, to provide commentary on the day, which really added to the event. Peter also kindly sponsored the trophies.

Brian Hughes, PE teacher at Limavady Grammar said "The pupils all worked extremely hard throughout both events. Organising and running these events as part of the event management module of the qualification helped the students develop a range of skills, including communication, interaction, teamwork, problem solving, decision making and time management. It was an invaluable experience and students gained a lot from it."

Grosvenor Grammar School

Students from the school have organised a wide range of events since starting to offer the A2 course. These include Primary Schools Sports Hall Athletics, Sixth Form Airsoft, Zorb Football, Dodgeball Tournaments and a Cycle SA spinning marathon. Kyle McCallan, Grosvenor’s Head of Sports Science said "The most noteworthy event, and the one which generated the most publicity as well as £7500 for charity was this year’s Grosvenor Christmas Colour Dash". The event, sponsored by ‘Lynas Food Outlet’, involved over seven hundred participating pupils as well as in excess of fifty members of staff, and managed to successfully raise more than £7500 for the ‘Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children’. All participants wore festive Santa hats as well as specially designed t-shirts, and ended up being completely covered in coloured paint dust as they walked, jogged and ran their way around the 2.5 kilometre course. The run was started by members of the Belfast Giants ice-hockey team who gave out two pairs of match tickets for those pupils who raised the most sponsorship money and ended with a BBQ complete with Christmas music provided for all participants. The event was organised by ten members of the Upper Sixth A2 level Sports Science class, namely: Anna Earls, Lois Hagen, Katie McAllister, Megan McCarter, Ryan Betts, Callum Byers, Alistair McCreery, Jonah McDowell, Chris Allen and Adam Skelton.

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