Statement regarding CCEA proposals for invigilation of examinations

This year CCEA's core funding has been reduced by approximately £3m, which equates to a shortfall of 11%. CCEA is working to identify savings and efficiencies to match this reduction, and in doing so is making all efforts to protect the quality of the services we provide to learners and teachers.

A range of measures are being considered including the proposed change in the way that invigilation is funded. At present CCEA administers and pays for the invigilation of the January and June examination series, utilising the services of over 1,900 invigilators. No other awarding organisation offers this service. In other jurisdictions schools must recruit, manage and pay for invigilators themselves.

Before making any decision we initiated a consultation with our local schools, seeking views as to the best option for the provision of the invigilation service. We have also had face to face meetings with some school leaders, and remain receptive to any Principal or representative group who wish to provide their views.

In the knowledge that the budget constraints are creating a different climate for all parties, we will consider all of the feedback received and in September will write to schools with a decision on the way forward. Any changes decided upon will come into effect for the January 2016 GCSE examinations onwards.

Note to Editors

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