What's New in eCandidate Record Sheet?

No. What has changed/been added? Why?
1 Login directly to current series. User doesn’t have to select the series on each login, therefore reducing the number of clicks. If required, the user can change to a different series from the eCRS screen.
2 Timeout - countdown on session expiry. User can see when the session is going to time out and extend session back to 30 minutes at anytime.
3 Message added at closing date indicating samples will be collected from 8.30 am on that date. User is aware that the sample must be ready for collection from 8.30 am on the day of the closing date. The eCRS will remain open until 5.00 pm.
4 Mark by Task facility available. Many users have indicated that this facility would help the process in some subjects.
5 Link to the Languages microsite in ‘Attach Form’ tab. Languages lead teachers can locate the task identifier form on the Languages microsite more easily.
6 Internal Standardisation tab instruction to click checkbox to confirm. It is obvious to lead teacher that the text box must be clicked to confirm Internal Standardisation has been carried out.
7 Authentication tab;  
7(a) Instruction to click checkbox to confirm. It is obvious to lead teacher that the text box must be clicked to confirm the authentication process has been adhered to.
7(b) Print/view authentication statement/list candidates moved to top of screen. The link is more obvious for the lead teacher to access.
8 Submit marks tab – additional statement added regarding requested changes after closing date. Notify lead teachers that any changes to marks requested after the closing date will require evidence and authorisation from the Head of Centre.
9 Upload candidates – help instruction added if user is having an issue with downloading the template. Provide suggested action to user if they are experiencing difficulties downloading the template.
10 Manage teacher codes – warning if candidates selected in assign teacher code screen but not applied. The user does not move away from the assign teacher code screen without applying the teacher code to the selected candidates.
11 Blank eCRS available – for centre purposes only and must not be submitted to CCEA. To allow users to see the structure of the candidate record sheet.
12 Sort by overall mark. To allow lead teacher to check the correct top and bottom candidates have been selected to be included in the sample for moderation. When used for this purpose – the teacher code filter must be set to ‘All’.

This facility can also be used when individual teacher codes are selected.
13 eCRS ‘Change’ button removed. To avoid users accidentally selecting the ‘change’ button and confirming that the data inserted should be removed.
14 Save eCRS’ button added with warning message if user moves away from the eCRS without saving the data. To confirm that data inserted has been saved with a warning message when user moves away from the screen without saving the inserted data.
15 Progress indicator added at candidate level in the eCRS screen. Allow user to see which candidates have had all mandatory parts of the eCRS completed and any which are incomplete.
16 When a record sheet is opened, hide non required information on the screen. User can view more of the eCRS on the screen.

Note to Editors

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