Examinations work will continue as normal - Industrial action

Following a statement released by trade union NIPSA that a small group of CCEA staff are taking part in industrial action relating to a grievance over Time off in Lieu (TOIL) policy, the organisation has issued reassurance that this will have no adverse impact on this Summer’s GCSE and A level examinations.

CCEA Chief Executive Richard Hanna commented:

"Examinations are the culmination of years of hard work by pupils and their teachers. CCEA’s priority at this time is to ensure their achievement is recognised and rewarded. It is disappointing that a decision has been taken to take industrial action at this important and sensitive time.

I would like to reassure pupils, parents and teachers that marking will continue as normal and grades will be issued as planned.

The industrial action does not apply to our contracted teams of expert examiners. The action is being taken by a group of staff who provide support to these teams and only applies to meetings outside of normal working hours.

Contingency plans are in place to ensure CCEA’s examiners continue to receive the support they need to undertake and complete this very important work.

The matter in question was raised with us at the end of March. Negotiations to resolve the concerns of these staff have been ongoing and good progress has been made. We are committed to continue to work hard, in a consultative and inclusive manner, to resolve outstanding issues."

Additional points of information

What is Time off in Lieu?

The summer exams period is a time of intense activity and means that some staff are required to work outside the standard working hours, for example evenings (Twilight meetings) or Saturdays. Time off in Lieu (TOIL) is defined as time taken off to compensate for time worked in addition to contracted hours.

What are the concerns that have led these staff to take industrial action?

They wish to have TOIL recognised at time and a half for evening and weekend meetings. The also want the period during which this leave can subsequently be taken extended beyond the current 12 weeks.

To date how has CCEA responded?

CCEA has already agreed to award TOIL at time and a half for Saturday working, removed the requirement for NIPSA members to work Twilight meetings, and agreed to consider, with immediate effect, extending the 12 week period within which toil leave might be taken.

How many staff are taking industrial action?

Not all members of this staff group are NIPSA members. We understand that approximately 40 staff took part in the NIPSA organised ballot.

Note to Editors

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