CCEA Examinations during severe weather conditions and periods of disruption

In the event of weather conditions worsening, preventing some candidates from attending their centre for examinations, CCEA has outlined the following options available –

  • If the weather is so severe that a decision is made to close the school or college, or where a school or college remains open but some individual candidates are unable to reach it because of extreme weather conditions, and no alternative arrangements were able to be made for taking the examination at a different location, then the options are
  • Where candidates are sitting any units that are not their terminal (final) examination series, they may be entered again for the June 2013 series.
  • Where candidates are sitting units as part of their terminal examination series and no further re-sit opportunity is available, then an application for Special Consideration may be made. The candidate must meet the published criteria for Special Consideration as indicated in the JCQ publication, Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration. The document can be viewed here.

Should any issues arise that may affect the delivery of CCEA examinations please contact:

  • Kevin Smart (Tel: (028) 9026 1215 or 07887 927 622) during normal working hours; or
  • CCEA Examinations Emergency Helpline (Tel: 07796947993) outside of normal working hours.

Note to Editors

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