New eCandidate Record Sheet application available

The new eCandidate Record Sheet application is now available. We hope the new application will provide an enhanced experience for users. A summary of the main changes include:

All users

  • Improved screen layout.
  • Hover facility available on tabs to explain the functions.
  • Facility to see incomplete actions at candidate level.
  • eCandidate Record Sheet does not open in a popup.
  • Save buttons have been removed and automatic save included.
  • Ability to tab between mark fields in eCandidate Record Sheet.
  • Ability to assign a teacher code to all candidates.
  • Consortium candidates are listed on the same screen.
  • Ability to add an individual candidate if not already entered with CCEA.
  • Validation of entered candidate names against pre-entry upload of names.

Lead teachers

  • Internal Standardisation tab automatically populated with the names of those teachers assigned to candidates.
  • GCSE Langauges/Gaeilge – facility to attach additional information.
  • Facility to add a ‘pirate entry’ has been removed.
  • Facility to print the confirmation of successful submission added.

Points to note regarding the transfer of data to the new application:

  • Marks, comments and teacher codes already recorded have been transferred across to the new application.
  • If you used the pre-entry upload facility you will be asked to confirm that the entered name for the candidate number is correct for the candidate’s name uploaded.
  • The Internal Standardisation tab will populate names with those teacher codes assigned to candidates. If you have already confirmed Internal Standardisation you will be required to re-confirm this before completing the process.
  • Teacher codes already set up will show the teacher code in the teacher name field – this can be updated to the full name by CCEA, on request.

Note to Editors

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