The JP McManus All Ireland Scholarship Scheme

The All Ireland Scholarship Scheme which is funded by JP McManus provides financial support to high achieving students from challenging economic backgrounds. The first Scholarships were awarded in the Republic of Ireland in 2008. This is the fourth year they are available in Northern Ireland.

The Scholarship offers students financial support of £5,500 per annum for the duration of their course.

The Scholarship will be awarded to the top 25 performing students who attend a grant aided post primary school or a further education college in Northern Ireland. They will be awarded to the top nineteen performing 'A' level students in schools, and the top six performing BTEC students in FE Colleges.

Applicants must be in receipt of the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) at time of application, and due to commence university in 2012.

A minimum of two Scholarships will be offered in each county based on where students live.

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Guidance Notes
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All Ireland Scholarship Scheme FAQs
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