Improvements to eCRS from February 2013

Outcome of E-Moderation evaluation: As a result of the summer 2012 E-Moderation evaluation the eCandidate Record Sheet (eCRS) application will be upgraded in February 2013. The improvements are listed below:

When tabbing to insert marks, the cursor will remain in the new position without jumping back to the previous box.

Facility added to:

  • record marks either by candidate or by task;
  • assign a teacher code to a selected group of candidates;
  • filter the candidate details displayed on screen by teacher code;
  • edit teacher codes;
  • display a selected number of candidate details displayed on screen to allow the confirmation of names to be faster.

The email to lead teacher indicating any changes after the final submission will only be issued:

  • when a new entry has been received for the centre and component;
  • up until the closing date for the submission of marks.

The 'attach form' tab on the eCRS for GCSE Languages and GCSE Gaeilge will only allow the PDF version of the task identifier form to be uploaded.

NOTE: The suggestion that CCEA should request the sample after the marks and teacher codes have been submitted will not be implemented in summer 2013. However, when eCRS is rolled out across all subjects it is CCEA's intention to request samples after the marks have been submitted.

Note to Editors

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