Actions required re A2C

The following letter has been sent to all Examination Officers:

Dear Examinations Officer

Please note this communication is issued in support of C2K’s earlier communication to Examinations Officers on this matter.

The A2C project is designed to improve the system for sharing and exchanging examination related data between Awarding Bodies and Centres. The A2C project is being led by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) alongside awarding bodies throughout the UK, of which CCEA is one. For Northern Ireland Centres using C2K, support for the installation of the new software is provided by C2K.

If you have not already had the opportunity, we strongly encourage you to download the software and submit your signoff to C2k Exchange as soon as possible. It is a simple system and is easy to install.

CCEA is providing Access Keys to allow you to activate the new system – please visit the website - - and log in using your normal username and password. (This is the same username and password used to access the Exam Officer’s Secure Login).

  • If you have any problems or queries generating, downloading or applying the access key please contact the C2KService Desk on 08706011666.
  • If you have any problems with your username or password please contact CCEA Centre Support Team on

Please note that from 1st September 2012 A2C will be the only mechanism available for the submission of entries, amendments and forecast grades and for the receipt of results files for all centres in Northern Ireland and throughout the rest of UK.

It is important that you are confident with A2C prior to the 31 August 2012 deadline.

For centres that are expecting Entry Level results for the March 2012 Exams Series and have A2C installed, please use the A2C system to access your Entry Level results. The restricted release of results date is Friday 22 June 2012.

If you have any queries or need more information regarding downloading the software, please contact the C2K Support Desk on 0870 6011666.

Yours sincerely
Michael Crossan (Business Manager, Examinations and Assessment Administration)

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