Digital Skills - iGeneration Conference

Workshop 3: Truth or Fiction, IT is for techies and is very very hard?

Brendan is the Chief Executive Officer and joint founder of Neueda, a Belfast based IT company that partners with global clients to help them with Digital Transformation.

Neueda has at its core, a belief that it is duty bound to give something back to the community that it came from. The company currently supports three local corporate and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives with the Neueda Code Club being its flagship program. The primary goal of this programme is to disprove the myth that IT is hard and only for a bunch of ‘techies’, our target group to do this with is 10 and 11 year-old primary school children.

Neueda has been running the programme for the last two years with its partners; two Belfast based primary schools, namely Blythefield and St Malachy’s. The programme has been designed to be interactive and hands on, with ‘doing is learning’ at its heart.

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