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Introducing the New CCEA Website

Welcome to our new CCEA website.

It’s been designed to meet our customers’ needs - now and in the future. Our in-house multimedia team has built this site using an open-source platform and the latest techniques in responsive design. This means we can extend the sites functionality and it will adapt to any device.

More than 50% of our customers now use mobile devices to browse our site and this number is growing steadily.

Although the site is new, we hope you still find the navigation familiar and easy to use. We have simplified the approach and incorporated our NI Curriculum site to create a single education portal for Northern Ireland, delivering all your Curriculum, Assessment, Qualifications and Regulation information in one place.

The site has a modern look and feel signalling a refreshed and innovative CCEA that places customers first. Integrating our social media enhances our two-way communication, ensuring we are always a listening organisation.

Adding dynamic content to the home pages of each section ensures greater access to a wide range of resources including our new video library.Our site is also fully tagged to the Northern Ireland Curriculum to improvesearching.

We will be adding many new features and resources to our site over the course of this year and we hope you enjoy using it. Please email feedback and suggestions to

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